Northern California Tour with thelittlestillnotbigenough ! !

Hi folks, in just a few days I will be cramming in to a big black bus with 6 (or more) of my closest friends, a bunch of instruments, as well as various boxes of d.i.y. literature and subversive propaganda…

If you live in Northern California, we may just be coming to a city near you! Come say hi! I’ll be the one playing drums! If you need details for any shows let us know...also get in touch if you want us to play a gig on one of our free days…(or you can find us on the street corner with the guitar case full of nickles)

thelittlestillnotbigenough summer excursion:

f   7.15 – Arcata – Arcata Theater Lounge (w/Swimming)
sa  7.16 – Eureka – Lil Red Lion
w 7.20 – Santa Cruz – SubRosa
r  7.21 – Oakland – Encephelous Haus
f  7.22 – Berkeley – Aman’s House (w/ TBA)
sa  7.23 – Modesto – (A) Cafe
su  7.24 – Woodland – The Stag (w/ Under Pendegast, Oh! The Trio)
m  7.25 – Davis – Ataraxia House (w/ TBA)
t   7.26 – Oakland – TBA
w  7.27 – San Francisco – Hotel Utah (w/ Bear Hands)
s.  7.30 – Eureka – Lil Red Lion (w/ The Thoughts)

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